Massage is a wonderful way to help your body heal and recover from hard work, illness and injury. Our massage includes consultation & assessment, aromatherapy steamed towels, healing hot stones, and essential oils/therapeutic creams. We provide 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the table. We specialize in pain management.

LVG Customized Signature Massage    30min. $65   60min. $95  90min. $135.00
Our therapeutic massages are customized to fit your needs, to include swedish massage & trigger point therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage                        30min. $75     60min. $105     90min. $145.00 

Reflexology                                         30min. $55     

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Face)       
30min. $75     50min.  $95
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Body) 
30min. $95     50min.  $115

Pregnancy Massage                           60min. $100   90min. $140

Sinus Relief/Headache/Migrane Massage (Face)  30min. $50