We offer customized therapeutic treatments for all skin conditions in our Studio spa boutique. Using organic, natural and clinical products to create results driven treatments.
Our Signature treatment includes aromatherapy, warm towels, massage with pressure point therapy/or lymphatic drainage to promote detoxification. Lymphatic drainage helps to release toxins, tension, and promote overall healing. 

LVG Signature Exfoliating Facial             $60 Forty Min.

Therapeutic cleansing with steam, warm towel detoxification with aromatherapy, signature enzyme exfoliation peel, hand/arm massage & moisturization.

Signature Fresh Start Healing Facial      $70 Fifty Min.
Therapeutic cleansing with steam, warm towel detoxification with aromatherapy, exfoliation, specialty mask (for skin type), lite extractions, hand/arm massage & moisturization.

Signature ReJuveNate Me Facial              $80 Sixty Min.
​Customized therapeutic cleansing with steam, warm towels, aromatherapy steaming, exfoliation, f
ull extractions,, specialty mask, lymphatic drainage massage (face), hand/arm massage, specialty mask, lip & eye care, & moisturization.

Corrective Treatment Add Ons: 


Microdermabrasion  $85; Enzyme Peel $50, Chemical Peel $65

Nourish Me Treatment:                             $15                               Signature Facial + intense hydration mask + antioxidants + stimulating collagen massage and repairing moisturization.

UpLift Me Treatment:                               $15                                 Signature Facial + extra hydration mask + firming + toning + muscles lifting massage & protection.

Clarify Me Treatment:                              $15
Signature Facial + detoxing deep pore corrective facial with customized extraction therapy for oily, acne and congested skin.

Brighten Me Up Treatment:                      $15                             Signature Facial + lightening treatment for discoloration and sun damaged skin.

ReNew Me Treatment:                             $25                                 Signature Facial + corrective acne treatment + deep pore extractions to target acne elimination.

ReVitalize Me Peel:              

Peel Only -  $70 Forty Min.      

Full Facial - $140 Sixty Min.

Peeling Facial (natural or/clinical peel) to remove dead damaged skin and rebuild healthy cells for a youthful appearance.

We use customized natural and clinical peels:
Pomegranate Enzyme, Passionfruit Enzyme, Pumpkin-Orange Enzyme
Lactic Peel, Glycolic Peel, TCA Peel

Restore Me Power Facial   I                     $205 Ninety Min.
Signature Fresh Start Healing Facial + enzyme+ microdermabrasion.


Restore Me Power Facial   II                     $230 Ninety Min.

Signature RejuveNate Me Facial + peel+ microdermabrasion.

Facial Consultation                                    $19.99
A Facial consultation (in spa or virtually) with therapist to assess skin, give skin/body analysis, product & treatment recommendations. Client may ask questions and receive a Skin Wellness plan.


Microdermabrasion Facial  $155 Sixty Min.
Ultimate skin resurfacing for acne, wrinkles and discoloration.


Single Microdermabrasion Treatment (Face Only) $85
(Also available for the back)